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Carolina Health & Concert Health Partner To Offer Expert Behavioral & Mental Health Care

By July 24, 2023News, Providers, Uncategorized
CHS & Concert Health Partner To Offer Expert Behavioral & Mental Health Care

Expert Behavioral & Mental Health Care

Carolina Health Specialists is committed to improving behavioral health by offering treatment through your primary care provider. Your healthcare provider wants to help you make your mental health a priority by enrolling you in a collaborative care program offered by Carolina Health Specialists, and our partner, Concert Health.

Features of the CoCM include:

• A depression screening to be completed during the digital pre-registration for primary care visits

• Enrollment in care within 24-48 hours after timely access that includes enrollment in care within 24-48 after the initial provider referral

The Program

Patients centered in Collaborative Care receive customized treatment from a team of behavioral health experts who work alongside your provider. Through Collaborative Care, your provider is able to address your medical and mental health needs together. For access to the Collaborative Care behavioral health program, please schedule an appointment through your provider.

Collaborative Care Clinician

The Collaborative Care Clinician is a masters-level mental health specialist that will meet with you on a regular basis by phone, or video session. They will provide education and monitor the effects and efficacy of any behavioral health medication your provider prescribes. They will check in with regularly for brief and frequent contacts where they will work with you to measure your symptoms, set goals and build skills to help you improve your day to day experience.

Psychiatric Consultant

Your Psychiatric Consultant is a behavioral health expert who will meet regularly with your Collaborative Care Clinician to discuss how you are doing, address any concerns, and make treatment recommendations to your primary care provider based on your specific needs.

What is the cost of the program?

Collaborative Care is a medical service, billed like a primary care office visit. You will receive a claim from your provider on a monthly basis for services received throughout the month. These services should be paid through your primary care benefit design. You can confirm this with you insurance by calling the number on the back of your insurance card and requesting a cost estimate for these CPT codes: 99493, 99494. If you have any questions after receiving a bill, please contact the number on the bill.

Behavioral Health Services

At Carolina Health Specialists we put emphasis on preserving the patient’s dignity as they overcome challenges and restore a healthy emotional balance. All services are provided with compassion and respect.